Lori Saldaña for Supervisor 2018

In a diverse county like San Diego- We need people from all backgrounds, nationalities and neighborhoods to empower and inspire the next generation, and encourage them to participate in all aspects of leadership.

We may be leading in polls among Democratic candidates, but every time Lori appears our campaign does even better.   Our campaign is actively seeking televised debates.  You can help by encouraging reluctant candidates and media outlets to participate.

Lori Saldaña - Native San Diegan running for County Supervisor

It’s not often a person can spend a lifetime in their hometown, and get the chance to represent friends and neighbors in elected office - but Lori Saldaña has done it before and is working to do it again. She represented San Diego for 6 years in the California Assembly, and now she’s running for the County Board of Supervisors in District 4.


Lori was Chair of the California Assembly Housing & Community Development Committee.

This District is entirely within the city of San Diego, and overlaps with many of the neighborhoods Assemblywoman Saldaña has lived in and represented while serving in the legislature.


Throughout her 6 years in the California Assembly, Lori earned a 100% Lifetime Voting Record from the California League of Conservation Voters. She was named Legislator of the Year by Californians Against Waste for working to reduce toxics in our food, air, and water.



A Message from Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña-

As Chair of the Legislative Woman's Caucus, I worked to strengthen laws to prevent sexual harassment and reduce sexual assault.  I'm running for County Supervisor to make sure we use available funds to test ALL sexual assault evidence kits, and investigate and prosecute these violent crimes.

Please join us Saturday November 25 to march with me in the #MeToo March to protest harassment and abuse against women. Email us for details or visit the event page for details on this event.

As a former Chair of the California Assembly Housing & Community Development Committee, I'll continue my work to reduce homelessness, by building more housing for San Diegans at all income and ability levels.

As your Supervisor, I will make sure state and federal funding is used effectively and fairly to provide San Diegans with childcare, healthcare, mental heath counseling, and nutritional services.

I'll continue the work I began in Sacramento, to coordinate with federal, state and local agencies to build supportive housing for disabled people and older adults in San Diego County, who cannot live independently or afford their own homes without assistance.

I'm proud to have earned the California League of Conservation Voters 100% Voting record  on important environmental legislation, and to have been a co-author of AB 32- the nation's first Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act. I will continue to work for an effective climate action plan, and ensure we have a Community Choice Energy option for county residents.

If reducing homelessness, protecting the environment, and enhancing public safety matters to to you:

Please support my campaign!

Please CONTRIBUTE NOW- your support at any level is appreciated!

With your help, I will work to ensure the County improves and creates programs to end homelessness, provides mental health care, increases access to affordable housing, identifies violent criminals who commit sexual assaults, and encourages sustainable development.

Thank your for your support!

Lori Saldaña

Sexual Assault Awareness 2010
Homeless Comm
Homeless Comm
CLCV 2010

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Next Steps...

Please join us to elect Lori to represent San Diego's 4th Supervisorial District!